Jaxon Trent

About Me

Jaxon Trent is a 17-year-old, who enjoys real estate and gaining experience from outside resources. He has done Wrestling and Baseball all throughout high school and loves the competitive aspect of sports. He has worked in a variety of different positions from sports to babysitting and now works at Kleen Movement. Jaxon joined CEO for the resume builder and experiences he can get through the program. Jaxon plans on attending ISU and hopes to major in business administration. He wants to become a real estate agent one day.

About My Business

With the new era of marketing moving to places like Tik Tok, Instagram, and Facebook reels, it can be hard for businesses to keep up with the change. This is where 2 Camera Dudes come into play. Founded by Jaxon Trent and Trevor Fox, 2 Camera Dudes provides videos that highlight the best qualities and attributes of your business and offers a different type of advertising. Connect with us at 2 Camera Dudes on Instagram or at jaxontrent217@gmail.com.  






DISC Characteristics

  • Likes to carefully weigh the pros and cons on important issues before forming an opinion
  • People may find you charming to meet and to converse with on a variety of topics
  • Likes having a strong identification or connection with the group, organization, or mission
  • Desires a great deal of explanation before beginning new tasks