Drew Sheppard

About Me

Hi! My name is Drew Sheppard and I'm a high school senior at Monticello – one who has a very wide range of interests. I have always been extremely active in sports, football being at the top of my list. I love the thrill and the camaraderie that sports bring. I also put high value in my faith. At a time when my local youth group was declining, I was able to help start up a new youth outreach program. I am also involved in Lifesavers, Student Council, and the National Honor Society. Another thing I have a passion for is music. In my free time, I produce music: making beats and even rapping on them from time to time. It would be rare for you to find me in my room, in the car, or in the shower, without music blaring somewhere nearby. I’m excited to learn about more local businesses over my year with CEO and gain more inspiration for running a business of my own.






DISC Characteristics

  • Appreciates being thorough and complete in the analysis of all variables before making a decision.
  • Tends to be generous with your time in helping others.
  • Is a very good team player.
  • Very conscientious in delivering high levels of detail.